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International PRS

Increased Revenue and Margin

We offer a complete range of Premium Rate Numbers, including geographic numbers, mobile numbers, non-geographic numbers and free phone numbers

ADVISE networking spans more than 90 countries. We can offer competitive revenue shares on premium rate numbers and premium SMS, not only in Europe, CIS countries, North Amerika, Middle East, Asia, and in several African countries. Being directly interconnected and trusted by local operators globally we are providing access to almost all regions around the world.

"We can use our global voice network to deliver the calls either to your servers or in many cases direct to your customers, which is is ideal for communication providers with high volume customers."

Direct Connection

If you use our Premium Numbering Service, we can offer you a direct interconnection to our global network, cutting out the public internet. We offer special connection rates to all customers who have co-located equipment or have a direct interconnect into us.

Integrated Services

All our number ranges are also available with our Value Added Service such as fax to email, voicemail to email or Interactive Voice Platform allowing us to save you time building your products.

Value Added Services

Simple and reliable method of payments

Value Added Services are used to provide services with an added value, rates used are higher than usual and a part of the paid amount is forwarded to the service provider.

Value Added Services offer information and entertainment through a variety of media including phone, fax, Internet, mobile and TV. Services range from sports results, voting and adult entertainment to competitions, chat lines, horoscopes and business information services. Value Added Service calls are charged at a higher rate than standard calls. Callers who want to use your service simply call your Premium Rate Number and are then charged for the call by their service provider.

"Value Aded Service generate profit every time a caller is connected to the number. The profit of a Value Added Service is defined by the difference between the connection costs and the tariff"

Interactive Voice Response

We can develop an IVR response tailored to your needs. The caller can be greeted with a simple informative message or a series of menus and prompts. Basic IVR services are most commonly used for recorded information lines and telephone voting services.

Simple and reliable

Value Added Service is a simple and reliable method of payment, both for you and your customers. Your customers can call from anywhere, all that is needed is a telephone subscription. We ensure that you get paid for all calls made to your service.

Rate Announcement

The call rate can be automatically announced to the consumer when calling the premium rate number, the call rate announcement is free of charge. The consumer must confirm that they approve the call rate by pressing “1”.

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